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Aurum potabile v0.1

This is the recipe for the saffron-flavoured vodka thing that I mentioned a few days ago. It's a preliminary version - I'll see what the feedback is like on Monday evening before I consider modifications.

250ml cheap vodka
50ml clear honey (I used Spanish lemon honey)
10ml rosewater
10ml orange flower water
5ml natural vanilla essence
1g saffron strands - don't use powdered saffron or it'll be harder to filter

Put the vodka in a Pyrex jug and bring it to blood heat by immersion in a water bath. Add the honey and stir until dissolved. Cool to room temperature. Add the essences and the saffron. Pour through a funnel into a dark glass bottle (a wine bottle will do perfectly) so that the light doesn't affect the colour. Rinse the funnel into the bottle with a little more vodka, then cork. After a week, filter to remove the saffron strands and any sediment, and rebottle.

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