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Not much done today;

less than I had hoped, in fact. Then again, why not enjoy a lazy day, whether it's chosen or forced upon one?

Catching up on the backlog of mail, about which I have been remiss, having been rather lacking in spoons to deal with it. If you're waiting for a reply, I beg your indulgence.

I spoke with mattp, who's well enough and cheerful enough that I'm not worrying. Then to the pub for a quiet drink and socialise with various people: stgpcm, mrph, drivenapart and misstemperance. People generally seem to be having a good, if hectic, time, and for this I'm glad. misstemperance wishes to add Greek (proper Greek, not the stuff they speak nowadays) to her armamentarium, so I shall dig out Peter Jones' Learn Ancient Greek for her, which will be quite enough to get her started if she can stop laughing at the awful jokes in it.

The Lush Whipstick that I mentioned yesterday was also sampled and much approved of. I am such an enabler.

And so home to rest. Goodnight, all, goodnight.

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