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Heh, what a title! I know what it means, and the people I'm aiming this at should do, too.

People are making noises about getting reparo back on the road. Reparobates, go and read of_evangeline and ferox's journals.

the_maenad, given you mentioned that things with one of your games were less than perfect, may I draw your attention to reparo and reparo_noise? That goes for anyone else who may be interested.

Though I really appreciate the invitation, I still can't be sure that it'll be right for me. Here's what I wrote over in Ev's journal while I was thinking about it:
I'm definitely, definitely thinking about it.

I'm sorry that that sounds so unenthusiastic - it's not meant to be, but life right now is in some ways unlovely and complex. [$BADSTUFF] so at least in the short term my attention has to be elsewhere.

And I'm going through a dry phase with my writing right now. I have a short story that's stuck at 9000 words and has been so for too long; a novel at 30,000+ ditto; and so on. I'm afraid that even if I have the enthusiasm that I may not be able to guarantee the commitment.

Lastly - and this may seem really weird - I've been looking back over the writing that I did, alone and with others, for reparo, and I just don't feel confident that I can write anything so good ever again. I don't know that I can live up to myself. If that sounds arrogant, it's not meant to.

No, that wasn't lastly, as it turns out: there's some techie stuff that I've always felt needed fixing with the way that reparo (and most other LJ-based RPs, tbh) works - possibly I just notice it as a consequence of the way that I write, but I think it's generally useful/important - that I want to discuss with the Admins before I make a commitment. Oh crap, that sounds far too much like "If you don't do it my way, I'm not gonna play", which is not what I mean at all. And it's not like I'd not be offering to do the necessary work / make the tools available to people...

So yeah, there's redheadgeorge. And Geoff and his Death Eater-plagued family, and Jonathan and the murder plot, and Audenda, and Ameliora and Gil... do you guys want them back?

I think before we restart we're going to need a Great Big "So this is where everyone is, and what's been happening" post.

See, I'm saying "we" already. Looks like not getting rid of that userpic was prophetic, eh?
I could do with thoughts and input on this, people, before I commit myself.

I've just been reading through the archives, and I feel obscurely proud that I was the originator of the term 'Reparobates'.

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