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Good crikey, I'm suddenly very tired, even though this has been an exceedingly calm day. The kitchen's really starting to look good again. Before anyone starts twitching, I've been careful with my back - I'm only doing stuff I can reach easily and that can be managed with upper-body strength. Jus can do the floor and stuff - besides, he's nearer to it than I am :) But I think I've used a lot of physical energy. Feels good, I tell you.

Watched "Scary Movie" and laughed my butt off. Now I need to bathe, eat, and fall over in short order before sleepiness supervenes.

Doctor's appointment really early tomorrow (it helps to have an early appointment at the same time as Jus, so he can ferry me to and fro, then get off to work - though I don't know whether he will go into work tomorrow, it being Friday and the company working continental hours, so he'd only be there a short time). I really am not feeling like going. Doc Swallow is sweet, but he's pretty much admitted there isn't anything he can do for me that Mr Walker isn't already doing, and he always looks so sad when I tell him I'm not really much better at all - I feel like I'm letting him down somehow.

Eh well, it'll all shake out in the end. Goodnight, one and all.

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