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Can't play, shouldn't play.

Just got back from an evening meetup at Inspire, since the_g_man had time to take a break between buying souls at Aston and returning to his lair in the metropolis.

Present: me, stgpcm, mrph, mrbear, jorune and the_g_man.
Food and drink: pretty good. Lots of good nibbly things. Belgian beer for them as drinks.
Music: ah. This wasn't something that any of us had counted on, so Geoff mustn't feel guilty at causing us to be exposed to it. Live music. BAD live music from Beneva, a duo who shouldn't. Take a Korg electric piano, a poorly-tuned acoustic guitar, two blokes who can't sing and a choice between really pisspoor cover versions and even worse 'original' compositions. Take them, I say, and very far away from me too, please.

Before we left we bought two copies of their five-track CD (which, if you're insane enough, you can order from their website) for the purposes of MST3King and other forms of mockery.

Admittedly it's possible that they were just having a night when they should have stayed at home; it's possible that they can do something that isn't excruciatingly weak (though even in the face of the strangled groans and twitching silences of the audience they seemed to have no shame) in a studio, but I honestly can't say that I hold out much hope of either. The only point I could find in their favour is that they were butchering REM as we left.

And now to bed because I'm almost asleep already. This has been a public service announcement.

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