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Well, my doctor's appointment went well. He's putting me down for a physio/hydrotherapy programme, which should get me out of the house a little as well as doing me some good. Also it turns out that both he and I misinterpreted the final letter from my spinal surgeon which, paraphrased, says: "Given that we're not sure what's going on in there, we really don't want to go poking around unless the pain's intractable". Dr S and I both agree that five years on it probably does count as intractable :) so I'm going to see a new spinal bod sometime... well, not soon, but as soon as the NHS can have me seen. Plus he wants me to go for some counselling to help me manage my pain better mentally. And it's time for my pain meds to be revised - I'm going to try those patches, if I can; and I'm back on the Prozac again *glassy smile*. It's all go.

Good lunch in Browns on Saturday with various of the mob. I'm lucky to have such great friends.

Much administrivia and paperwork sorting. Plus angling for getting some work with with the British Geriatrics Society - they may need someone to revise their web content.

Less joyously, I seem to be going down with that damn bug several of our little group seem to have had recently. Either it's not the one I had before, or I'm feeble enough to be heading for a double dose. Updates, post nasal drip, etc as and when, it's paracetamol time again :)

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