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Fever day

OK, I admit it, I should not have gone to mrph's last night.

It was fun, though, despite out reduced numbers, Iain being on work-call, Andy being en route from Sheffield, and Doktor Pete... well, who ever knows for certain where he is? but we had Jus and Odie and Vixen to swell our numbers.

James and Cat were being distinctly postviral, as were Odie and Vixen. As the evening progressed, the weak sweaty shaky feeling that had been creeping over me since yesterday afternoon really kicked in, to the point that when I stood up for a bathroom break I almost fell over into Odie's lap. Given that Vixen had previously given him what looked like a painful wedgie - well, leather jeans, you know - that would have been too bad. Still, Jus and I shared the victory in Lunch Money and I killed Doctor Lucky with the Civil War Cannon :)

Then home to bed, wondering whether I was going to pass out before we got home. I think I was asleep/unconscious before Jus got into bed. Bad night - long convoluted nightmares. Woke sweaty, shaky, as Jus showed me the parcel that's arrived from hoopycat :) Too weak to open it. Fell back into sweaty feverdreams again - surfaced a couple of hours later to say g'night to griffen; damn, missed him, and on such an important day for him too :(

Temperature currently 38.8, down from earlier when it was 39.6. I am not well.

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