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Still feverish, though maybe not so bad as yesterday. Am going to have to cancel Katherine and Dan's visit tomorrow - no way do I want to give Katherine this thing when she's off to present our work in Venice next week :)

Am being very good, drinking lots of water, eating oranges, keeping warm, mostly staying in bed. Verrrrrry pleased to hear that Griff's first day at school went well; kind of concerned about Darren, of course.

Feeling surprisingly chirpy, despite the sick :) the sun is shining, my chili plant (which had almost shuffled off its mortal coil through negligent underwatering) is burgeoning again, with little flowerbuds already, and am just generally more than OK with the world. Heh, surely it's way too soon for the Prozac to have started kicking in? I only restarted it last Friday.

Ah well, back to bed, more rest is good.

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