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Anyone around here read Russian,

and would be prepared to put in a few minutes' work for me? I can't imagine that it would take more than about ten minutes.

Remember that a few weeks ago I posted about my attempts to find out more about the word kadigan / cadigan? Work is progressing nicely: if you want to see what's going on, visit the Wikipedia Placeholder name discussion page.

One branch of the research has led us to chase the variant spelling kadigin: Googling for that has found this page, which seems to be part of a Russian thesaurus of some kind. It contains the line "сл.kadigin-thingamajig; kajody; rinctum"; as you can see, that contains the word that I'm chasing.

Could someone with enough knowledge please take a look at that page and tell me what is is, and what they can infer from it? I'd be ever so grateful.

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