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If I woke up and you were in bed with me, the first thing I'd think is "Pass me the painkillers, please." Nothing personal, it's just that time of day :D

Ah, it's not that bad. Definitely an improvement on what it has been at times this past couple of weeks. Good enough yesterday for me to walk to the supermarket (and don't yell at me for overdoing it; I was sensible and took the bus home) and got a good rest in the afternoon. Unfortunately by the evening it had started to spazz up, so I took preemptive morphine — it wasn't so much the pain, mattp, more that I was so tanked when you called that thinking and talking weren't practical at the same time. So I'm sorry for babbling and making witless "Ow" noises at you :( *hugs and loves and wishes he wasn't so flakey*

The back is being fairly reasonable today, no more than moderate unpleasantness without too much dope. The depression's rather better, too, so don't worry about me any more than you absolutely must, please. I'm doing OK; slowly but surely, I think. The skies have been blue, the catkins are coming out in the hedgerows, the whitethorn is just starting to blossom; Spring is in the air and I'm sure that it's helping. I still haven't got my sleep sorted out, mind you; I'm now falling asleep in the early evening, which is irritating, but better than not being able to sleep at all or being drugged flat for 18-hour bursts. There's also a strange program bug or three in the Windoze version of Avida that I can't fathom, or perhaps it's that it actually is A Feature and I just don't quite understand that part of the documentation. I may actually have to dig around in source code *spit*.

Nope, I'm definitely going to have to flake out now; yawning more than once a minute is a Big Hint, I think. Time for a bedtime drink and then the Oxford Companion to the Mind until Morpheus comes to claim me. Goodnight, all, goodnight.

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