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I had a long sleep last night. Probably too long because it ended in unpleasant nightmarey crap which thank the gods I can't remember, only I was disturbed and distressed enough I had to phone Jus at work to be sure that everything is OK. As far as I know everything's OK...

Wednesday's night's dreams were odd and memorable. For some reason someone had sewn my friend Joe up in a transparent pillowcase and hidden him in my bed. Because he's tall and bony, his elbows and knees kept digging into me, and I kept waking up (in my dream) to find out what was going on. I couldn't find him, because he was inside something transparent (this version of dream logic had it that anything inside a transparent container is also transparent), but he kept insisting that it was his bed, not mine... weird. Weird weird.

Aaaanyway. In the real world, yesterday was fun, if tiring. I got a lift from Jus to the hospital, where I saw yet another shrink, this time one who was really on the ball. I was supposed to have the usual twenty minute / half hour session, but we ended up going on for about 50 minutes. He thinks getting me a good therapist is really important, with which I agree — I think most of the mental problem stuff is an inadequate / broken toolkit, because I can see entirely clearly what (at least the surface layers of) the problems are, only I can't find a means of resolving them at the moment. He also was very clear about the interaction between the mental stuff, the pain, and the frustration with the limitations that the pain imposes. I'm seeing him again in a month, by which time (he says) I should have had at least one therapy session. Well, all I can do on that is hope...

Lovely lunch and shopping session with youngatheart, Ashton, Bethany and Chris. Chris's walking has improved wonderfully, even in the month or so since I last saw him; he's now taking twenty steps or so unaided, though because of his joint hypermobility he holds his legs very rigidly. He still can't talk, and that's making him very frustrated; at nearly three, it must be awful not to be able not to talk about the world, let alone make his wants known. Well, it may not sound like much, but since when he was born it was doubtful whether he'd ever be able to do anything, I think it's wonderful! I just hope he continues to improve.

I was also naughty and bought books. But I bought them at Oxfam, so that's not so bad; the money will be doing useful things.

I've got a review article to work over for katherinedeane, so I'd best trot off; I just thought I'd better let you know how things generally are right now.

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