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Ow, of various flavours

Well, it looks as though I knackered Windows good and proper! Jus performed various magics, then did the statutory "Oo, not seen one go like that before, guv," and "Probably have to go for a complete reinstall."

Fortunately, unlike plumbers, itinerant builders and motor mechanics, I trust him. When he says that something is Seriously Bad and must be Fixed, he means it.

So it's not just a reinstall. It's a Complete Redo. Win98 giveth place unto WinXp, an extra disk goeth in on the new motherboard (has that become a sexist term yet? and why aren't they called backplanes as they were on Real Computers?), and no doubt there shall be also a new video card and sound card. I can feel my wallet aching already; but times change and our computers change with them. It'll be jolly to be able to play Sims 2 :D

I can see most of my vertical time this week being spent installing and reinstalling, particularly as I'm currently having to use Internet Exploder :(

As to the toothache: ow. It's decided to spread to the right side of my jaw too. I shall ask my lovely dentist if she wouldn't mind giving that side an X-ray on Wednesday just to make sure that it isn't merely due to having altered my bite pattern because of the problems on the other side.

Apart from all that. The back and the depression are both miserable buggers today. I'm also feeling deeply pissed off because when I saw my shrink a month ago he virtually promised that I should have heard from the counsellor that I'd been asking for before I next saw him. I'm seeing my shrink on Thursday. I know that there are waiting lists, and all that, but I've been asking for some counselling for months now. If they'd written to me and said "Sorry, we're overwhelmed right now, could you hang on for a couple of months?" I should have understood. I wouldn't have been happy, but I wouldn't be feeling ignored and neglected like I am now. Well, they may yet surprise me.

Anyway, I'm going to lie down now and try to get some of the pain to go away.

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