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Justin's just called...

to say that he's got to go to London this evening to do some faffing around at Telehouse.

You know, I think I shall go with him. It beats sitting on my own feeling worthless. Now I have the chance to feel worthless in company. It shouldn't take long (then again, these things are never supposed to, but have a tendency to do so): a couple of hours drive down, ten minutes' fiddling, and then a couple of hours back again.

What do you think I might do, when I get back, to relieve the anhedonia? (I know it's not quite anhedonia, more anhedonia with crispy burned bits around the edges, but it's the nearest word to how I'm feeling that I can come up with.)

Should I try and do some writing? Get HA reinstalled so that I can work on transcribing some more music? Something else? Do suggest, please. I can't promise that I'll feel like taking up any of the suggestions, but it's worth a shot: you may come up with something that hadn't occurred to me.

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