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Hey, I'm back!


The virus has s..l..o..w..l..y been dissipating. I'm still taking it very easily as far as moving around goes.

Where I'm not being able to take it so easily is work. I'm currently in Editing Hell. A book chapter.

That may not sound like much, but if I tell you that it's an a compilation and analysis of five analyses of many randomised controlled trials of paramedical therapies for Parkinson's Disease, and that I have to make sure that the analysis is good, and that that requires going through more data and stats than you might care to shake a very long stick at... you may get the picture. And deadlines are looming.

So... I'm in purdah, until it's all done. Understand why I've been absent a while?

Other projects on the boil: taking over responsibility for the external and internal documentation for the Russian guy I was telling you about a while ago; sequencing as much of John Dunstable's complete works as I can (I've sworn to do at least all the isorhythmic motets); more writing...

All in all, I'm pretty good, and there's been other interesting stuff going on that I'll try to detail when I next do an update. You can all thank Griff for calling me on Monday to check I was still alive, as it made me realise exactly how long it was since I updated.

Anyway. One more chunk of analysis.... maybe I'll drift by to say Hi to people first, but I daren't stay long. Then bed. Speech and Language Therapy (two studies, both wretched) tomorrow.

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