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The plant, of course; Sanseviera trifasciata for the Linnaeans. Mine's the green and gold variegated variety. I bought it in a little second-hand shop in Bedford, just around the corner from where Charles and Madeleine lived before they moved to Portugal; so it was a fair while ago. It grew and grew, and was repotted; I took advantage of the repotting to split part of it off and give a split to lurkingcat.

It's now got to the size where it'll need splitting again when it goes dormant this autumn. But that's not really the point of this. I went to give it its occasional summer splash of water (the roots rot easily, so it needs a very porous compost and no water at all in winter, when it isn't active enough to imbibe any) and noticed that one of its offshoots is sending up what appears to be a flower spike.

I've never seen a Sanseviera flower before. I didn't know that they do flower; though, I suppose, they are an agave genus, and agaves flower... it's just that they seem to do so well on vegetative reproduction. It's not a sign that it's about to die, is it? I know some plants do put on a swan-song frenzy of flowering and fruiting when conditions are looking bad, but it seems in perfectly good health.

I'm going to see Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy with giantpanda and youngatheart tonight. Unfortunately Jus can't come with us as he has to be in London overnight doing something with optical cabling :(

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