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The word "Bugger!" comes to mind...

and not in a nice way, either :)

You know how people always say, "Oh, I must remember to do so-and-so, when I get round to it", and that somehow they never do get round to it?

Today Jus got a failed-delivery notice for a parcel that he was expecting. It also happens to be our next-door neighbour Luke's 18th birthday tomorrow. Normally I'd have been at home to receive the parcel, but, as I wrote previously, this week I'm helping out at the office. It seemed sensible to ask whether there'd be anyone in next door tomorrow who could accept the parcel, and to give Luke his birthday card for him to open tomorrow.

All perfectly good — until we came home again. "I haven't got my keys with me," I said to Jus, who was wondering why I hadn't opened the door.

You can tell what's coming, can't you?

"Neither have I," he responded.

Being locked out of one's house isn't fun, but it's easily remedied by collecting the spare key which one has sensibly deposited with one's neighbour for just such eventualities as this. Alas, woe, giving Tilly a spare key was — come on, you know the words — something I meant to remember to do when I got round to it. We've only been living here for eight years or so, for heaven's sake :)

Fortunately the front door has lots of little panes of glass, rather than being solid or having one huge pane. It now has one fewer than it had before. That's not a real security problem, because it has two locks and a chain, and we can use the back door (which was also locked, in case you were wondering) anyway. But I now have to remember to get a spare key cut for Tilly AND to get a new pane of glass fitted...

But it's bedtime now. G'night.

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