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Odd words.

I don't usually have this happen; I suspect it's perhaps due to the unpleasant heat and humidity causing me to sleep even more lightly than usual, but twice within the past couple of weeks I've woken from vivid dreams with words stuck in my head and feeling as though I must reach for any convenient pen and paper to note them down before they evaporate.

Strangely enough they're morphologically similar. Neither of them are to be found anywhere that I've looked, either in the form in which I wrote them down (and I knew as I wrote them that I was unsure of the spelling) or in obvious variants, at least in the pronunciation that I knew them to have. One does appear, but it's obviously not the word that my head was prodding me with because it would be pronounced quite differently.

Just in case anyone's interested: last night's word was turboline, which in the dream was some kind of alkaloid or potent medicinal liquid; the previous one was trubago, which had something to do with the linguistics of the Scots spoken in the Scottish Lowlands. Intriguing that the t/r/b triplet should show up in both instances.

I've told you before that I have strange deams, haven't I?

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