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Jeepers, I'm tired! dunno why, I slept pretty well last night.

Mark's birthday today - he's a whole ten. Must 'phone Karen and ask whether she needs any help with the last-minute preparations for his party.

Phone call with Katherine last night. Apparently Clin. Rehab. have bounced our paper hard. K said Carl said he'd never seen such bad comments on a paper. This is surprising - everyone who's seen the paper so far has been quite impressed, and all the OTs who've had the findings presented to them have been ecstatic. Katherine says it's no doubt all the bloody medics on the review panel. Fuck 'em, eh. They're not the only journal in the world, and the way they've rejected it makes us even more sure we're definitely on the right track :) Her presentation in Stirling went really well, apparently.

Yet Another Bloody Draft of the chapter in the mail this morning. I have time to give it one quick once-over, and that's that. If I'm to need more time on it, K&D are just going to have to beg an extension from the book team; that shouldn't be a problem - K said one of the other contributors has had an extension until July. I really don't think we'll need it, given the amount of work I've been putting in, but we'll just have to see.

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