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Dunstables done so far...

The sequencing work is going well. I'm really determined to have the complete works sequenced and available on the Web for people to enjoy - probably as MIDI files, MP3 (so people can hear the words: Virtual Singer now rocks), and MUS files so if people want the score with the performance choices I've made - yes, Virginia, you have to make editorial choices with mediaeval/Renaissance music :) - they don't have to fake it up by decoding the MIDI.

74 pieces in all, including the ones with uncertain attributions; I don't think I'll bother doing the plainsongs and bare tenors, though, now MA has breves and longas and support for Gregorian notation, I could. D'you think I should be oh-so-scholarly about it?

Anyway, done so far:
1 Kyrie; 3 Glorias; Albanus roseo rutilat; Ave regina celorum/Ave decus; Gaude virgo salutata; Preco preheminencie; Salva scema sanctitatis; Specialis virgo; Veni Sancte Spiritus/Veni Creator; Veni Sancte Spiritus; Nesciens Mater; Ave maris stella; Magnificat secundi toni; Ave regina celorum; Regina celi letare; Crux fidelis; Alma redemptoris mater; Beata Dei Genitrix; Beata mater; Gloria sanctorum; Quam pulcra es; Salve Regina Mater mire; Salve Regina misericordie; Sancta Dei Genitrix.

Phew. Still a long way to go, though.

If anyone wants any of these - great! griffen's heard Quam pulcra es, and liked it. MIDIs you could have now - or, at least, when I get back from holiday; MP3 will really have to wait until I get ADSL; MUS - well, unless you're a MA/HA/VS user, they won't be too much use to you.

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