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Vacation, etc.

Hey, I seem to be doing better on the non-sustained-release morphine than I do on the SR. This is very good. Doc S says sure, cut the Prozac down a little, see if that helps with the sleeplessness. One good thing about him is he knows I know my basic pharmacology, so my medication feels much more like a collaborative exercise than a dispensation from On High.

And so tomorrow we head to Bedford, or at least Odle (I think that's how it's spelled) where Madeleine's family comes from, for M's birthday. Probably heading back late evening, but I'll probably be too fried to do any updates, then we'll be setting off north to Akeld.

Depending on how much family visitation we decide to do on the journey home again, I may be back next Saturday, Sunday, or perhaps even Monday. I'll do another update soon as I can after that.

You never know, though, so many of my friends are geeky that we may have net access while we're there :)

Much love,

--Kay xxxx

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