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For "Monday", read "Wednesday". I was in no state at all to type on Monday.

Why? because I, and it seems almost everyone else who was at the GoF showing/t00bage last weekend, have gone down with Fandom Flu. I'm feeling rather better now, thank goodness, after having spent the last 48+ hours in bed with sore throat, a medium-grade fever and lots of sneezing. Still, I wouldn't have missed the weekend for anything: I had a really wonderful time, and I've made sure to get lots of rest and keep up the fluid intake. Thank you HUGELY to starcrossedgirl and petulans for being such wonderful hosts!

The film? (and since when have English people taken to calling films 'movies'? *stares sternly at various t00bs*) I have only one thing to say, and that's
Yes, that's no doubt completely impenetrable to those of you who weren't there, or who haven't seen the film yet, but it had to be said; trust me. It wasn't as bad as I feared it would be; they did their best to cram a Great Huge Book into a two-hour film, and if great chunks of plot had to be sacrificed or skimmed over, leaving the first quarter of an hour less like a film than flipping through a photo album, that's what had to be done. You can't make a silk purse out of a dog's breakfast. I admit to being concerned about how they'll manage the next one, assuming that there is a next one. Perhaps they could split OotP into two, making a decent film out of the first half, and then combining the last half with HBP because it's so uninteresting?

As to details of what happened, I can't do much better than to refer you to fidgetknickers's recent posts, because she's done all the hard work of writing the weekend up so well, plus posting excellent photographs of massed T00bery. *schnugs the lovely Vee and pimps her madly to you all*

One more post, this time a bit of a ranty one, and then I'm going to do the lie-down thing again.

*squee* *sneeze* *squee*

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