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Moderate accomplishment

Soup almost completely prepared for tomorrow (chicken, banana and cumin). Bread to bake, but that's for the morning.

1500 or so words yesterday and today for a_hill_of_beans. That's two episodes of Laine's Story done, and I think I know where I'm going with the next two. If anyone wants to read them, they're here and here. If you want to comment about them, please do it here rather than under the posts for the sake of tidiness there.

I haven't done any Christmas music yet this year, though I have a really icy Carol of the Bells that I could make available, if anyone likes it. I've also got the score to the West of England tune for A Virgin Most Pure, but I'd rather do a proper arrangement of it than just leave it as SATB, probably because I enjoyed the version that Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band did last Sunday. It definitely wants shawms and serpents.

And now a little sleep, for it's a busy day tomorrow.
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