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Well, that's all (I think! I hope!) all the Christmas presents bought. Three expeditions to Lush in one week! Fortunately Lush gifts come in pretty wrappings so packaging can be kept to a minimum.

I've just finished reading Geraldine Brooks' Year of Wonders, an excellently-written fictional account of an English village (based closely on Eyam in Derbyshire, which I visited some years ago) during the plague epidemic of 1665-66. Definitely worth reading if you like historical fiction, and I'll be looking out for her other books.

And if you want to play with aleatoric minuets, trios and Polonaises, you can go here and have fun. It may not be Mozart, but it's quite amusing.

Jus and I are probably heading up to York on the afternoon of the 24th, probably via Nottingham. We'll probably be back on the 27th, but then may head down to London briefly to see yet more relatives; I'm hoping that Jo and Kevin and the kids will be going to Nottingham too, saving us a trip down to Worthing!

So that's what things currently look like in the Life of Kay.

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