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I wanna brainjack

No, I haven't turned into a Bleepy!Goff or fallen in love with the Borg. It's just that I'm desperately (I do not exaggerate; the tension of not being able to produce is literally making my muscles ache) trying to write, and there's a disconnect between the ideas, nicely bubbling away in my brain, and the words, which are not even trickling into the word processor. It would be so nice to be able to attach my interface cable and simply dump all the stuff in there out onto disc where I have at least some chance of making something of it.

I haven't had a good write since before Christmas, and I don't know why. I haven't had my venlafaxine dosage changed since a while before that, and it was only a raise of 37.5mg to 150/day. I do seem to have been more in self-fault-finding mode in the past couple of months, but though I can understand that accounting for some of the problem, it surely isn't sufficient to explain the lot. Yes, when I look at what I've written I think "Oh, that stinks", but now I'm not even getting to the point where I can be critical.

Today I've managed 135, yes, a whole 135 words on the new thing (because all the old things were wedged completely) and they stink. But at least I have 135 stinking words. That's better than yesterday.
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