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Shrink and stuff

Well, that was all so dull. I'm grateful to Jus for getting me there and bringing me home again, or I should have felt more irritated by the pointlessness. New intern (again) who greeted me with "Hello, I'm Dr X, we haven't met before, and I haven't read your notes. How have you been?" Unimpressed, me.

No change in meds, follow-up in two months. *yawn*

The only reason that I'm not angry is that I'm now pretty much regarding them as having been a springboard to CBT, where I'll be doing the real work to get me fixed. If (heaven forfend) I find that that isn't enough, and that I do need to keep relying on the shrink, I think I may just send her a note on these lines:

Dear Dr Morby,
I've supposedly been in your care for several years now, though you've never actually met me. Instead I've been seen by a parade of your interns, most of whom I've met once before they disappeared to better things. It would have been useful if many of them had actually looked at my notes before our meetings, too.

I have an NHS GP on whose list I've been for more than a decade; I can see him, in person, at roughly a week's notice. I have an NHS dentist, ditto. It would be nice if I could get anything like the same continuity of care from my NHS mental health professionals.

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