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How things are, and all that

In short: somewhat better.

I don't know what it was that knocked me for six, but it did a pretty good job. I've been that peculiar creature, a twitching zombie. Head buzzing, body buzzing, not able to sleep mostly and then with VIVID dreams when I did, and with the IQ of a carrot salad.

It wasn't a drug reaction, because I haven't been doing anything new or more or less than usual. Nor did I have the shits, the sneezes or anything other than a mildly raised temperature and a slight muscle ache. So not the usual kind of 'early summer bug'. Yes, there's more horse chestnut pollen about this year, but I haven't been anywhere with a lot of horse chestnut trees (the last time I was in town I had to have a bath immediately I came home because my skin was itching from it).

But it seems to be going away, and that's the important thing. Apologies to Coventry people and Amberites if I've been even less coherent than usual.

Oblivion is very VERY good. The important thing is not to play it as though it were Morrowind II, because it very definitely isn't. Because of the level-tracking system, levelling quickly gets you toasted in short order; I've been actively avoiding it, and getting the skill points up rather than the base stats. So now I'm Level 3, Head of the Mages' Guild and working my way up the Fighters' hierarchy. I've not touched the Main Quest any more than I've had to: that way lies Daedra and crispy death.

We seem to have new neighbours in Tilly's old house. I haven't met them yet, but Jus has. Apparently the woman's called Jolene. Either she had horrid parents or we have C&W fans[1] next door. I can selfishly hope that it's the former. But in that case why doesn't she go by 'Jo'? I've already got That Song stuck in my head, thank you, so you needn't mention it. I now worry that I'm going to slip up and call her 'Lucille' when I meet her. And I've had that song stuck in my head too, so the same goes, thank you.

I owe at least two of you mail and activity. I'll get on to that as the fog of whatever it was slowly lifts. My apologies for having been incapable :(

[1] Or just conceivably The Archers addicts, but somehow I doubt it.

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