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And so it comes...

to the end of a tiring week. Not that I've done anything much; more that I seem to have hit a point in sleep/wake phase space that's taking me along a chaotic orbit.

Tuesday's CBT session was decidedly interesting. I can't say that I'm enjoying it at all. At the moment it feels very much like a "prod the bits that hurt and see if we can't then find some more bits to prod" process. I'm hoping it's like antidepressants, where you get to feel quite a bit worse for a while before the good stuff starts to kick in. After the session I had hours to kill before my appointment at St Mark's, so I went for a bimble around town, where I happened to run into youngatheart. We went and had a cup of tea and a talk, and then Tina suggested that she could come with me to St Mark's, which was kind of her.

We got there. All went well until I was called in to the interview room, where I discovered that this wasn't a spine appointment as I'd thought, but a urology appointment to discuss the results of my IVU. But alas! my IVU hadn't happened by that point :) Someone somewhere had cocked up the scheduling, it seems. So I got given a six-months review appointment to make sure that I didn't fall out of the system, and assurance that if my IVU did show up anything of concern, I'd be called in promptly.

Today I had the IVU. It was exceedingly boring. Strip down, put on gown, lie on X-ray table, get poked a bit to line me up, X-ray; Venflon in the back of my right hand, 100ml of contrast injection in though that, another poke, X-ray; wait a while, another poke, X-ray; wait... yes, same again; then up off the table, empty my bladder, back on the table, poke, X-ray; take Venflon out, put on clothes, bugger off homewards, picking up prescriptions on the way.

Dull, isn't it?
Tags: cbt, hospital

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