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Muddle-headed Kay

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Still too humid!

I know that sweating's a wonderful thing (ask any dog!) but I could do without having a fresh T-shirt soaking through within half an hour of putting it on. It's the one with Sir Frank Dicksee's La Belle Dame Sans Merci, if you want to know what I'm wearing right now :)

The weather's still warm, but not so bad as Monday. I thought about going into the garden and gathering raspberries and tayberries, but decided to wait until the weather cools a little more, as it should have done by tomorrow. Poor Justin's having a rough time at work, apparently; I called him this afternoon to see whether it was today that he'd be going down to London and working over, and he said that they've had a massive power outage and had to hire in a generator to get things working again. People are obviously making far too many cups of tea in Leicestershire!

I've just limped down to the shop to get a loaf of bread (no, it's far too hot to bake!) and while I was there I saw that they'd reduced their punnets of strawberries from 99p to 25p, so I bought four, a kilo of strawberries! Scones also, so if Jus makes it home there'll be scones and strawberries as well as a nice cup of tea for him.

I'm going to try doing a bit more writing tonight. I have another chunk of the a_hill_of_beans stuff nearly done, so I should really get that done with.

Anyway, it's too hot to sit at the computer much right now, so it's cup of tea and lie down time for me.
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