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Small update

Hey. I'm OK. Doctor's appointment in the morning; time to start sorting stuff out. Jus had a job interview today: it sounded like it went pretty well - they're impressed by his techie stuff, but a little concerned that he'll be too shy and quiet to cope with the general stress of the job. He does need to point out to them that that's really an artefact of his interview-shyness; when he gets to know people, he can be as stubborn as two mules :) So he has a 'get to meet the team' session next Tuesday. Good wishes, etc, for him, please.

Apart from that. The back is being some trouble, but that's nothing new. I'm doing better - but not well - at not handling more of other people's problems than I should. This is pleasing. I know I have a heck of an amount of psyche-work to do (Griff's pointers to information about OCD, of which it's looking like I have a somewhat atypical form, have been very strengthening and reassuring), but I'm pretty sure I know where the weakness lies, if not the reason for it. To be honest, I'm not tremendously interested in reasons; I just really want to be able to handle the consequences better than I have been.

So, all about me me me again. Sorry. I just thought I ought to give you some kind of an update.

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