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Slashfic bunny!

So what would you think to a Holmes/Watson story with them involved somehow with the Cleveland Street scandal?

I think it could be huge fun to do, with Holmes and Watson investigating a rather delicate situation while at risk of outing themselves if they're not very careful.

The thing that's stopping me running off and plotting madly is that I think I'd want to involve the seedier sides of London gay life of the time, but it's rather past the period of the molly houses.[1] Cleveland Street seems to have catered to the rich and powerful, but there must have been the downmarket equivalents for middle- and lower-class men.

Can any of you point me at anything useful? I'll be asking the library to get me the Aronson book in case that has any more general background.

[1] But wouldn't "Molly House" be a wonderful pen-name?
Tags: fic

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