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Mirtazapine fog

This is a really spacey drug. On Tuesday we abandoned my therapy session halfway through because I was so zoned that we agreed that I almost certainly wouldn't remember what we'd done. Wednesday evening we went to blooddoll3's for birthday cake and fun. I think I probably babbled a lot at people.

Even walking is strange. It feels as though my feet aren't somehow touching the floor. Yet they're just as sensitive to touch as they usually are.

So I'm a sleepy, cotton-headed and zoned-out wombat at the moment, and that's on 15mg/day. What I'm going to be like next week, when I'm supposed to go up to 30mg/day, I have no idea. I really hope it's not dose-dependent.

It's not as though any of the effects are per se unpleasant, it's just that I'm not someone who likes feeling this way. The nearest thing I can compare it to was when I was being given diamorphine after I had my appendix removed. Unpleasantly cosy, if that makes any kind of sense.

Anyway, in other matters, I've now got the book-list from Mark that I mentioned back before Whitby, so I can start working through that and classifying it. Unfortunately it's on a bunch of sheets of paper, so I'm going to have to transcribe it before I start on any analysis. Time to install OpenOffice 2, methinks.

When I've done that, and if the data is sufficiently indicative, then I think I'll be setting up a filter for people who've been making interested noises about the book - and at last brotherelf will have his curiosity satisfied :)

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