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Ever since our medical practice closed its Headington Avenue branch, I've been smitten by doctor-doom (not Dr Doom, who is something else entirely). Usually it's that it's wazzing down when I have to walk to the Keresley Village branch (one bus goes most of the way there; to get all the way there by bus I'd have to take two buses; one all the way into town, one back all the way out of town – think of a narrow sector of a circle, where town is at the centre, I live at the far end of one radius, and the Keresley Village practice is at the end of the other).

Today, courtesy of my stupid brain and the online booking system, I arrived at the Keresley Village branch to discover it shut. Panic ensued as I realised that I must inadvertently have booked my 11.20 appointment at the new Keresley Green branch (the one they opened so that they could close down the one near me), another bus ride away, and it was 11am already. Fortunately the bus arrived fairly soon, and I made it to my appointment just in time.

So, of course, Dr Mwale wasn't ready to see me until 11.45. But if I'd been late...

Thus I got my prescription for 30mg mirtazapine tablets, which I shall start taking tonight, and which will probably cause me to go back into the Land of Mists for another couple of weeks. But that's not all of today's doctor-doom, oh no. I'm supposed to be tapering off the venlafaxine while tapering on to the mirtazapine. Dr Mwale (I can't think of her as 'Ethel'; she really doesn't look like an Ethel to me) seems, from my repeat form, to have removed the entry for my venlafaxine instead of lowering the dose. Now I could either decide to try a more acute taper than I'd planned, and yell if I get the horrors, or I could go through the next phase of the doom. What do you all suggest? I have a week or two's worth of venlafaxine if I cut down to 75mg/day from now...

Good therapy session this afternoon, though. By 'good' I mean 'really quite distressing' rather than anything pleasant, but it's just stuff to work through. Plenty to think about this week, though.

So now I'm going to do more database-wrangling before I have to take my pill and watch my brain turn into pudding :)

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