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Good doctor's appointment this morning. Jus encouraged me to write down short statements about how I've been feeling, just in case I clammed up, and that turned out to be very good advice. I now have a psychiatrist's appointment in a couple of weeks for a preliminary assessment. I'm apprehensive, but this really has to be the first step.

More morphine quick-release, so the pain should be more manageable. A good thing I thought to check the dispensary bag, since the pharmacist had given me the sustained-release instead... that's the problem with controlled drugs in the UK, the prescriptions have, by law, to be hand-written, so - paradoxically - the most dangerous drugs get written up in the least legible fashion.

And stelazine for the anxiety. Not much, just 2mg twice a day, but it may help. I'm glad I had enough courage to point out to Dr Swallow that valium, which he originally intended to prescribe, I can swallow until the cows come home with no effect. For some reason, benzodiazepines just don't touch me.

Ah well, time to cook the kids' dinner (I'm round at Karen and Bryan's at the moment). Later, all!

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