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My turn for a dose of the ughs.

A couple of days ago I mentioned that I wasn't feeling perfectly well. Yesterday I spent in bed coughing and sneezing and feeling completely wretched.

Today I'm somewhat better, inasmuch as I'm actually out of bed. Unfortunately, unless I get much better very quickly (like by tomorrow), I'm not going to be going anywhere else, since I doubt that the rest of the extended family and friends would be at all grateful for a dose of whatever it is that I have.

Don't worry; I'm doing all the sensible things, and Jus will be OK to let me recuperate in peace while he goes a-visiting. What's worst about it is that I'm going to be missing mattp's Housewarming/New Year party, to which I'd been really looking forward :( However, I'll be going down as soon as I can.

On other medical stuff: you may remember I had an urology appointment a couple of weeks ago. I wrote "if [my urine]'s positive for blood once again, he'll put me in the queue for a cystoscopy." Well, well. "I am pleased to inform you of your forthcoming procedure in the Day Surgery Unit... Thursday 25 Jan 2007 at 02:30 p.m." along with an Undergoing Cystoscopy information leaflet.

Dad, it seems, isn't doing so well as I'd hoped. I tried calling Mum, but no answer. That made me wonder whether he might have needed hospitalisation, so I called my sister, who unfortunately is even further from York at the moment than I am, being on holiday in Wales for a few days. Her latest news is that Dad was delirious last night, so the doctor was called in again and prescribed stronger antibiotics. She's going to phone Jenny (her mother-in-law) and ask her to go round to my parents' house and see what she can find out... fingers crossed, please, people!

More news as it comes in. And tea and ibuprofen for me.
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