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So today I was between loose ends (to coin a phrase) and I thought I'd finish off some of the stuff I'd been writing for a_hill_of_beans.

Remember that disk crash I had last year? I though I hadn't lost any of my writing. Well, it seems that that folder has gone the way of all bits :(

One of the pieces I don't mind writing afresh, because it hadn't gone in quite the way I'd wanted, but the other - oh damn, I don't want to have to write it again, because it was one of those things that was fueled by inspiration, and I don't know how I'll get into that frame again (never mind having to do all the research needed).

What I'm hoping is that at least one of you (and I think it may well be portkey) may have one of the working copies that I sent. Andrew, do you still have that half-finished piece about Tadeusz? I'm so hoping that you've kept it, because I really could do with having it back again.

*beseeches the Fates and all the gods of writing*

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