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Well, that's all done, so now all I have to do is wait for the results.

It wasn't as uncomfortable as I'd feared. I think that the squirt of anaesthetic gel up my urethra was actually the worst part, as it stung rather. Then it was all just a matter of lying back and watching the camera slither up inside on the monitor. It really was fascinating. The inside of my urethra was more pink than I'd imagined it, while the lining of my bladder was paler.

I couldn't see anything particularly odd, though the doc did spend a moment or two looking at what looked like a cluster of slightly larger blood vessels and murmuring "That could account for it." Then, because he realised that I was quite interested at what I was seeing, he snaked the endoscope tip around so that I could see where the scope was coming up through the neck of my bladder, and then gave me a little guided tour on the way back out again. So not only did I get a look at my urethra and my bladder, but I also got shown my prostate ("No enlargement there, that's good," he said) with one of the ejaculatory duct openings. Ever so much fun to see! As they say, look up an old friend today :)

I was only a little sore for an hour or so afterwards, nothing I'd even begin to describe as painful, and everything's pretty much back to normal again.

At Tesco, on the way home, I was greatly amused by a label printing problem which had rendered one of the packs of sliced meat as "Roast Sirloin of Bee". As I said to Jus, they must have used a very fine slicing machine to get that!

Thanks for all the good wishes, and I'll let you know the results when they arrive.
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