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Parents update

First, thank you all so much for your messages of support and sympathy. I passed them on to Mum and Dad, and they've asked me to thank you on their behalf and tell you how much they appreciate your good wishes. They don't know much about the internet (Dad at least knows a little about computers, whereas Mum thinks that the 'net is a magic device that produces earplugs for her :>), but they do understand and value the fact that I have such great friends around the world.

Dad is out of hospital, but not yet home; he's been moved to an intermediate care centre close to the hospital for the moment, just in case he relapses. He has a comfortable room with a lovely view of the gardens, and he's been out for an accompanied walk this afternoon to get some fresh air. My sister says that he's looking and sounding much better, with the old twinkle back in his eyes.

Mum has had her cheek stitches removed, and the dermatologist has told her that the surgical site "looks lovely" on visual inspection, though they haven't got the biopsy margin check results back yet.

So all is as well as could be expected — perhaps even a little better than that — and I'm feeling very much relieved and grateful.

Dad's onco consult is tomorrow afternoon, and we'll just have to see how that goes. I'll let you know how things are when I have more news.

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