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Family matters

Sorry for the hiatus; I went down with a wretched gut-bug on Thursday and spent the next few days being loud and loose at both ends of my alimentary tract. That meant that I had to miss out on my London trip, so no mattp-snuggles and no Satyagraha :( Still, I seem to be pretty much recovered now, so on with the update...

Dad is home again. He's feeling rather washed-out, which is hardly surprising, but is cheerful and doing little things around the garden and greenhouse. On Wednesday he goes to have his radiotherapy mask measurements taken; next week they'll do another scan with the mask fitted, so that they can check that it's properly aligned; and then they'll start on his RT.

Mum seems to be doing well too, though I didn't get the chance to speak with her this evening; at least, Dad said that she was OK, and he can usually tell if all isn't right with her.

And, across the water, I have a new first cousin twice removed (I think that's right - she's the granddaughter of one of my first cousins, anyway). Rob's only a couple of years older than I am, and it's a little difficult at first for me to think of him as a grandfather, but I suppose it's perfectly practical and reasonable.

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