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I found this picture while I was wandering the Web today, and the idea of Il Papa chanting in hex amused me vastly.

Dad's had his second radiotherapy treatment today, and sounds quite chirpy. Apparently he'll be having a treatment every weekday from now on, which means that he has to travel from York to Leeds and back each time; thank goodness for volunteer hospital drivers! Dad says to thank you all very much for the kind thoughts that you've all expressed; he told me this evening that it means a great deal to him.

Jus is on his way back from London; predictably enough, it being the Friday of a Bank Holiday weekend, he and Jason are stuck in traffic on the M1. He should be home before midnight, though.

I'm still wrestling with DECUS magtape images and an out-of-date DECUS catalogue, and with the peculiar timing problem on the simulated KS10. I've re-MONGENed to switch mains frequency from 50Hz to 60Hz (not that the thing should be touching the mains for clocking at all!) to see whether that has any effect.

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