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Barbara's funeral will be next Monday. I'd like to go, but Karen isn't sure that Mark and Louise are old enough to appreciate it, so I may be called in to kidwatch, since even if they're not going to the funeral they may not be feeling up to going to school that day.

The lilies are flowering frenziedly in the garden.

Christopher, Tina and Dave's new baby, came out of hospital at the weekend, since he's progressing excellently, and I saw him for the first time yesterday. He is very very cute! Still fairly tiny, but no more so than you'd expect for someone who's still only at 36 weeks :) - but Tina's now in hospital with a suspected pulmonary embolism.

Excellent roleplaying session last night.

Couple of Melody Assistant bugs/misfeatures spotted, which I should report; nothing huge, just awkwardnesses in the keyboard remapping code.

And so it goes.

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