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Venlafaxine nasties, maybe?

I really haven't been in a good state this week. I'd been doing OK on my 30mg mirtazapine tablets plus the 75mg venlafaxine sustained-release capsules that I haven't been able to withdraw from yet. I had some 37.5 venlafaxine tablets left over from a previous prescription, so I though I'd use them up instead of ordering more capsules. One in the morning and one at night should be the same as a 75mg slow-release, right?

Apparently not; not so far as my metabolism is concerned, at least :(

Fortunately I have capsules on order to be picked up on Wednesday, so I should start feeling better from then on, I hope.

Yes, I know I'm assuming that it's the venlafaxine that's responsible for how I'm feeling, but I'd rather think that for the moment than worrying that my anxiety and depression are going into a nosedive again.

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