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Computer woes

BT seem to have got their finger out and fixed the line problem, only for my power supply to die without warning. Fortunately Jus has got me a new one, bless him, so I'm back on line again. Everything seems intact apart from Firefox perplexingly losing my tabs.

Last Thursday with tajasel was great fun. Much good conversation, including several bizarre moments (Bill Gates' sperm, the forthcoming iBaby, and the manholes of Stockport). Our tastes are definitely very similar.

Today was my last-but-one therapy session. Next Tuesday I have my shrink in the morning, and my last therapy session in the afternoon. That's definitely going to be a stressy day, but I think I'll be OK with it.

Still not seen the latest HP film. From what I've heard much of the book has been skipped, but since it was woefully bloated the film may be about the right length. I shall have to see.

Children of the Nile is even more computer crack than Pharaoh was. Probably the most enjoyable £3.50 I've spent at Amazon, and I'm still only on the second scenario. Which reminds me that now my computer's back I must post my feedback for the vendor.

Salad for supper tonight. Sainsbury is selling cans of pre-cooked beans of all kinds, 3 for £1, so I've made a three-bean salad with red peppers, onion, carrot and tuna. Yum!

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