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We're back!

Actually we came back on Saturday, but I've been taking a few rest days, mostly lying down, before hitting the computer.

It was a most excellent week. Here's roughly where we were; a little village near the Yorkshire Moors called Wrelton. We actually stayed in Beech Farm Cottages. I really would recommend anyone who's thinking of holidaying in the area to think of staying there; the facilities were excellent, and our hosts were among the friendliest with whom we've ever holidayed.

Considering how rainy it had been in much of England in the preceding weeks, we had quite excellent weather; very little rain, mostly cool and cloudy, with only one hot and sunny day. Given that hot and sunny weather makes me uncomfortable, it was quite ideal for me, yet not so cool, blowy or wet that the kids couldn't enjoy themselves either.

I didn't take many photographs this year, and they're still on the camera, but when Jus has taken them off onto the computer, I'll put them up for you to look at.

On the way home we stopped off for a few hours to visit Mum and Dad. They both seem to be doing pretty well. Unfortunately Dad had a checkup yesterday and they found some enlarged lymph nodes in his neck. We don't know yet if they're secondaries, but we're still optimistic. He's put on weight, and both looks and sounds better than the last time I saw him. I'll keep you all informed on how he's doing.

I'd best start catching up on the accumulated email, so I'll post this and get on with that!
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