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*Excellent* gig!

I'm going to repeat my exhortation to you that, if you're anywhere near a venue for the Carols and Capers tour that I mentioned in my last post, you should get yourself a ticket and go!

Maddy and the Band were in fine form. They didn't play as much material from the 2005 tour as I'd expected, but that was all to the good; there was an even mix of the old traditional favourites and the band's own material such as Blue Pearl and Wake Up! A good proportion of the audience joined in for the singalongs, too.

High point of the evening: me getting up on stage with a small handful of volunteers to assist in the percussion for The Holly and the Ivy :) If I'd thought beforehand that I might do that, I'd probably have dressed up for the occasion...

Low point: A person seated somewhere in front of me allowed their mobile phone to ring. Twice. Without even attempting to turn it off. Worst of all, this happened during a quiet a cappella performance of Poor Little Jesus, where it couldn't have been more blatant. Honestly, if people can't work out how to prevent their electronica squawking, they should leave them at home.

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