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We're back!

Actually we got home late on Friday evening, but I spent most of yesterday in bed restoring my energy and, unfortunately, nursing a cold :(

That's one of the awkward things about being somewhat socially isolated; with not seeing many people much of the time, my immune system gets out of practice, so that when I actually do get to mingle I'm pretty much doomed to go down with whatever is going around. I'm feeling a great deal better today, though: hurrah!

However, that's meant that we're deferring the southwards journey; I don't want to spread my grot to any more of the nearest and dearest than I may already have done. So no caffeine in Worthing for me in the immediate future, judiff. I will let you know when we do decide to head down.

Our first Christmas without Dad went much better than I'd feared. We all missed him, of course, but I think even Mum had quite a happy time.

Mum has very kindly given me Dad's wristwatch. I'm not a great watch-wearer; I generally put one on only if I need to (say, if I have an appointment somewhere or have to catch a particular bus or train), but it's strangely comforting to me to wear something of his.

Anyway, I've things to do now, so I'd best stop here. I hope you've all had, and are continuing to have, a great time, and I'll be catching up on your LJs soon.

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