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Nostalgia attack...

I'm in a phase of re-reading books that I haven't looked into for years, and yesterday I started on this. It's from so long ago that I couldn't remember whether I had a chapter in it or not. Turns out not: so I wondered why not - what was I doing in 1991/2 that stopped me submitting YABP[1]? I'm pretty sure I wasn't rejected; I think I'd have remembered that.

I really should have kept an up to date CV, shouldn't I? And saved all the intermediate versions?

Heh. Like people back up their hard disks, oh yeah.

So I thought it might be fun to see what I could reconstruct from the Web. Unfortunately, not only do I have a common (Dutch) surname, there's also an academic publisher of the same name. This makes search that little bit harder...

Dekker, K. (1992). “A future interface for computer-aided styling.” Design Studies 13(1): 42-53.

Abstract: Why do stylists frequently complain that CAD systems are hard to use? In many cases the problem is that the CAD human-machine interface fails to preserve the metaphors and idioms of the traditional studio. Historically, human utility has been seen as a less-important resource than computing power, and users' needs have been sacrificed to make computer use even possible. Now, computer power is cheap, and looks to become ever cheaper: perhaps now we can afford to make computer systems versatile for their users, and not make the users ingenious for their computers. This paper examines how vastly cheaper computing power might be used to make stylists' lives more pleasant.

Keywords: virtual reality, computer aided design, car styling

Tovey, M. and Dekker, K. (1996) "Rapid 3D models from 2D sketches" Co-Design Journal (7/8), pp 62-65. I was on the editorial board for that volume, and I never want to edit an academic journal again :)

Owen, J.K., Tovey, M.J. and Dekker, K. (1997) From Imaging to Image (an examination of virtual realisation of 3D forms), CADE 97: 2nd Conference in Computers in Art and Design Education. August University of Derby.

Owen, J.K., Tovey. M. J. and Dekker, K. (1998) From Imaging to Image: An Examination of Visual Realisation of 3D Forms. Digital Creativity. Vol. 8 1997 p 121- 129

Deane, K.H.O., Ellis-Hill, C., Dekker, K., Davies, P. and Clarke, C. E. (2003) A Delphi survey of best practice occupational therapy for Parkinson's disease in the United Kingdom. British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 66, (6), 247 - 254.

Deane, K.H.O., Ellis-Hill, C., Dekker, K., Davies, P. and Clarke, C. E. (2003) A survey of current occupational therapy practice for Parkinson's Disease in the United Kingdom. British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 66, (5), 193 - 200.

Oh dear, there's quite a lot missing. Maybe I ought to ask MT, NB or JO for their publications lists and see where I co-wrote with them.

Then again, maybe it's all so long ago that it's not worth remembering. I mean, VR is just so Nineties. Does anyone still talk about 'virtual reality' or is it all just MMOGs nowadays?

[1] Yet Another Bloody Paper

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