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A good day today

I ran my first lunchtime "Listening to Music" session at Willow View today. Two people turned up, which may not sound many, but there weren't many people at WV today. Since we had only a half-hour slot, I played them the first seven tracks from From Byzantium to Andalusia, one of my current favourite recordings. (Free registration on the Naxos site will allow you to hear the first quarter of any track; paid subs let you hear the lot. I'm a cheapskate.

Anyway, they really enjoyed the music. I'm going to try to choose widely among genres, to give everyone a chance to hear and enjoy something new.

My last few hours have been swallowed by the Spore-monster, because I downloaded the freebie version of the Creature Creator which was released today. It's pretty good, though I did find one glitch: if you have pairs of fore- and hind-limbs too close together on the spine, and switch the front pair from fore to hind a few times, you can end up with stray polygons. Which is very lovely if you want patagia, but not so much otherwise. Fortunately you can make the stray polys go away again by separating the limbs a little.

So here's my second attempt at a Spore creature. I'm afraid that I just had to call him Homer erectus :)
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