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Rocketing the bureaucracy

We've just had an excellent Service Development Group meeting. I'm really loving working at Willow View, and one great thing about being volunteers is that we have the spare time and energy to get done the things that do need to be done, but which the staff just don't have the time to do. Deb, our manager, mentioned that she really wants to write a journal article about the way that volunteers are becoming a vital part of the acute daycare service that WV provides, but... no spare hours in the day :(

It was good to be able to say "Well, I have written a few papers in my time..." :)

Actually, I'm thinking of writing two: one, probably for Mental Health Practice, concentrating on the nursing end of things, and another (can anyone suggest an appropriate journal?) more on the administrative end.

And I've been asked to write a really stinky letter to the Trust. Our ADL kitchen and equipment is seriously below food hygiene standards, and we'd been promised (up to and including the actual setting aside of the necessary money) a thorough refurbishment. Except that Deb has just been told that Finance has cancelled it. Prof Weich has already sent a steaming letter about it to various people in the administration, and the SDG is going to write another. The big problem is that if H&S say that the kitchen is below standard, we won't be able to use it. That doesn't just mean no baking session on Wednesdays, and no Community Lunch on Fridays, but no shopping trips, no menu-planning groups... the kitchen is a very important part of what we need to do.

Furthermore, the IT Team has said "Nobody is allowed to buy and install equipment on the network but us", and that puts our use of the donated printers into question. If the worst happens, Deb has said that I can bring one home and do the colour printing here. So one way or another, we'll work round it all.

Meeting with Ian about our website to organise... and tomorrow I have a Partnership Forum meeting to attend.

Life really is very good!

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