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Bridget Riley trip? (Coventry area folks only, sorry)

Apparently there's a Bridget Riley exhibition on at the Rugby art gallery until 4th August, as I mentioned in mrph's LJ. mistdog has expressed an interest in a roadtrip there, so we'd have 2+ cars (Jus's and Jon's at least), so room for several people. Anyone up for it? Jus and I will be away in deepest Herefordshire, all being well, the last week of July, so soonish?

Update: pinched from the Gallery webpage...

18 June - 4 August 2002
Bridget Riley
A National Touring Exhibition organised by the Hayward Gallery on behalf of the Arts Council of England.
Bringing to the region an exhibition of silkscreen prints and gouaches produced by Bridget Riley, one of Britain's most accomplished and influential artists. Riley first achieved fame in the mid-sixties with her black and white abstract paintings, in which extraordinary optical sensations were created by subtle shifts of fluctuating pattern. The show includes her remarkable experiments on plexiglass of the mid-sixties through to the bold and luxurious colour works of the eighties and nineties.

13 August - 22 September 2002
Rugby Collection
Another chance to see works from the Rugby Collection of 20th and 21st Century British Art. Acquired by Rugby Borough Council since 1946, the collection contains over 150 paintings, drawings and prints, including works by L S Lowry, Paul Nash and Bridget Riley.

That also sounds like it's worth going to!

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