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Well, maybe "sunny" was an exaggeration...

though to be fair it was on Wednesday only that the rain was torrential. Saturday was sunny, Sunday hot and sunny, and then it rained off and on until today, when it was sunny again.

Yes, we are home safe and sound, and not washed away into the sea, having had a really excellent holiday. A great place to stay, very good facilities, plenty of interesting things nearby and, as always, wonderful company.

Highlights of our week were Tuesday's outing to The National Botanic Garden of Wales where, if you see nothing else among all the wonderfulness, you simply must visit the largest single-span glasshouse in the world, and Thursday's trip to the Singleton Park Botanical Gardens, which, though smaller, are free to enter and very good. Photographs of lots of lovely plants will be up soon, and I'll let you know when.

Remember the Desfontainia spinosa that I saw on holiday in Scotland a few years ago, and regretted not taking a cutting of? Well *embarrassed look* I now have a cutting, and I'm trying not to feel too guilty. Taking cuttings isn't as bad as ripping pages out of library books, but... I never claimed to be 100% good.
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